La Idea


All applications are due by July 26, 2019 at 11:59pm EST  

Funded and initiated by the United States Department of State, the La Idea Incubator Program is a powerful initiative focused on strengthening entrepreneurship and job creation across the Western Hemisphere. La Idea especially encourages trade and commerce between Central America and the United States. The program is a collaboration between the International Business Innovation Association (InBIA) and the Regional Center for the Promotion of MSMEs (CENPROMYPE).

The La Idea Incubator Program provides a framework that allows entrepreneurs in Central America to increase capacity and receive training and education to advance their entrepreneurial activity. One key element of the La Idea Incubator program is developing a networking of mentors “on the ground” in Central America by providing training and curriculum from top U.S. based incubators, accelerators and/or entrepreneurship centers to deliver tools and resources for the continued support of entrepreneurs. 

InBIA and the La Idea Incubator program is seeking entrepreneurship centers (incubators, accelerators, etc.) in the United States who have developed or are developing entrepreneurial curriculum that can be adapted to Central America. Applicant organizations (referred to as SUBCONTRACTORS in this RFP) should have knowledge of entrepreneurial best practices, tools and coaching tactics along with significant experience in serving international entrepreneurs, with preference for experience working with Central American entrepreneurs. 

This training can be delivered in a combination of in-person and online to entrepreneur serving professionals in Central America, such as incubators or SBDC’s (referred to as TRAINING RECIPIENTS in this RFP). The following programmatic elements will be co-developed between InBIA, CENPROMYPE and the selected SUBCONTRACTOR who will be developing the train-the-trainer curriculum: 

  • The “train-the-trainer” component of the La Idea Incubator Program will have two objectives: a) to market and therefore, expand the reach to eligible entrepreneurs throughout Central America about La Idea; and b) to create a standardized quality and expectations of programming to Entrepreneurial Support Organizations managers in Central America who would be interfacing with the entrepreneurs before, and upon their return, from the bootcamp.
  • To meet La Idea’s outreach objective, the train-the-trainer program SUBCONTRACTOR will be able to briefly provide  an overview presentation on La Idea, including eligibility requirements, elements of the program, how to apply, and the various themes of cohorts (as well as the impetus for each cohorts’ theme). Train-the-trainer participating TRAINING RECIPIENTS will also receive a promotional packet, enabling them to routinely promote the program via social media, press releases, blogs, and other helpful resources to promote the program from within their facilities/communities.
  • Best in class business coaching/mentoring tactics, and technical assistance resources for companies, again co-created from InBIA and the selected SUBCONTRACTOR will be developed and shared with TRAINING RECIPIENTS in Central America through a mixture of virtual and in-person delivery. Some topics that may be covered include, but are not limited to;

                1.  how to develop and maintain sales pipelines

                2. how to pursue and secure investment/grant funding

                3. how to scale business operations including value chains

                4. basic operational maintenance through de-risking factors

                5. legal issues

                6. Industry standard tools and templates

                7. A segment of content will focus on how to support companies before coming to the US, especially in planning out ideal                     

                   customers, suppliers, and/or other partners. 

  • The selected incubator or entrepreneur center (SUBCONRACTOR) will deliver the Train-the-Trainer courses to Entrepreneurial Support Organizations in Central America who can then use these tools and content to support entrepreneurs in their network at their own pace. 

Incentives for applying to create La Idea “Train-the-Trainer” curriculum:

The selected entrepreneurship center will receive $80,000 in funding to cover costs associated with content creation, travel to deliver the training in Central America and other associated costs. 

Additionally, the recipient will have the exclusive opportunity to build relationships with high-potential Central American entrepreneurs seeking to expand their business into the United States, Soft Landing sites in the United States and Entrepreneurial Support Organizations in Central America. In addition, the recipient will receive recognition as a creator of the curriculum and content to be delivered in Central America.

Expectations of the “Train the Trainer” recipient:

  • Regular communication with InBIA, CENPROMYPE and the U.S. Dept of State regarding progress of the curriculum and any challenges anticipated
  • An understanding of entrepreneurial needs and the qualities of entrepreneurship centers in meeting those needs
  • An understanding of the entrepreneurial issues faced by entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship centers in Central America
  • Ability to provide all content both in Spanish and English 
  • Capability to incorporate industry-leading best practices into a curriculum that can be followed either through in person or online training sessions.
  • Create a “Train-the-Trainer” curriculum which
    • Covers important aspects of supporting and growing entrepreneurs, with particular attention paid to any topics unique to Central America
    • Is delivered at least 2X per year in person in Central America between 2020 and 2021
    • Can be delivered through online self-directed modules or through a Learning Management System
    • Provides re-usable templates and tools for Entrepreneurial Support Organizations managers
  • Delivery of pre- and post-boot camp training totaling 16 hours (8 hours per day) of curriculum and provisions that will be shared with participating entrepreneurs centers (at no cost to the participants).  
  • Coordinate with InBIA, CENPROMYPE, and the U.S. Department of State to create an outreach strategy to recruit entrepreneur centers to receive training and become a resource for participating La Idea entrepreneurs. 
  • Create a marketing strategy to improve and expand outreach efforts to inform and recruit eligible Central American entrepreneurs of the La Idea Incubator project. Please include partnership that you plan to leverage and utilize for this effort. 
  • Develop a criteria to measure the success of training efforts of participating ESO’s for La Idea entrepreneurs during the project’s period of performance.  InBIA, CENPROMYPE, and the U.S. Department of State will work with the selected subcontractor to develop this criteria and ensure the correct indicators needed are included.  
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